At your first appointment

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment. A consent form will be provided to you in the waiting room. Please complete at many of the details as you can and sign the form. If you need assistance, please ask your Hand Therapist to help you complete the form.

Your Hand Therapist will assess your injury or condition and then develop a tailored rehabilitation plan to ensure you achieve your individual goals. This may include taking measurements of your movement, teaching you exercises, providing a splint or helping you get back to your usual activities.

The team at Active Hand Rehab aim to provide an outstanding level of care. We do this by trying to treat all our clients with equality, dignity and respect. Please let your treating Hand Therapist know if you have any specific needs or requirements at your initial consultation.  

If you feel we have somehow missed the mark with the above, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic Director on and your feedback will be dealt with in confidence.